June 24, 2011

Product Preview – Zebra & Leopard Stache Labbit Plush

Frank Kozik adds two new spicy plush flavors to the Labbit menu with his wild jungle labbits, or Labbitus Pathera Pardus and Labbitus Equus Quagga, scientifically speaking.  Mated for the first time with this happy bunny breed are Zebra and Leopard, sporting wild stripes or spots to prepare them for the rigors and adventures of jungle life. Yours for the taming in two sizes – 7 and 14 inches, each one of these jungle creatures comes adequately mustachioed and ready to snuggle with you and your feral friends.  Due to release July 7, the 7-inch versions can be caught for just $17.95/each (£14.40 UK; 16.70€ Europe), and the 14-inch beasts for $39.95/each (£31.90 UK; 37.00€ Europe).

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