February 14, 2013

President’s Day Sale in Kidrobot Stores

President's Day Sale


“This sale has me rolling over in my grave!” -Abe Lincoln

Honest Abe would never lie, so his words must be true. Check out the hot deals in our Kidrobot retail stores for the upcoming holiday weekend, Feb 15-Feb 18. Some are calling this the best sale in 148 years.



Buy one 7-Inch MUNNYWORLD figure at $19.95 Get one Mini MUNNY free

Mega MUNNY- $100 (60% off)



Buy One Plush Get One 50% off

YUMMY Pink and Brown 12-Inch Donuts $10

YUMMY 12-Inch Pizza $10



Buy one 14” Labbit Plush Get one 7” Labbit Plush Free



Buy two South Park blind boxes get one Dead Kenny free

Disney/Charlie Brown $7

Nibbler and Matt Groening $25

Kid Neutron and Kid Royale $15




Select Tees $10

Select Hoodies $20

Select Outerwear $30

Select Beanies and Hats $10



Topo Chalk Bag $20

Top Backpack and Messenger Bag $40

Kidrobot Backpack and Messenger Bag $35



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