MUNNY MUNTH Photo Scavenger Hunt

June 24, 2010


UPDATED: 7/8/10

It’s the last week in MUNNY MUNTH and the custom competition is getting pretty heated. But what about those MUNNY lovers lacking artistic talent? Well, Kidrobot is sending you on a mad dash to photograph your MUNNY in and around your town for our MUNNY MUNTH Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Here’s the deal: upload pictures of MUNNY according to the list of various, fun, awkward, messy, crazy and inconvenient situations to your Flickr photostream in order to be the first one to score 2,010 points and win some awesome prizes, including a set of the upcoming super mini series, Thoughts In Jeremyville.

Entering is easy, winning is hard. What you want to do is:

Take your MUNNY (doesn’t matter what size or color) and your digital camera and embark on a photo expedition to capture MUNNY in numerous random and ridiculous scenarios.

Create a new photo set on your Flickr page (if you’re not on Flickr, it’s free and easy to set up) specifically titled, MUNNY MUNTH Scavenger Hunt and upload your pics with appropriate titles. You will earn points with each photo task accomplished. Point values depend on the difficulty level of the shot. Details count, so you have to make sure to pay close attention in order to earn the most amount of points possible.

Once completed, email with a link to your Flickr page for scoring. Winners will be announced via KRonikle, Forums, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace according to when the first person accumulates 2,010 points.


1st: Complete set of Thoughts In Jeremyville and $150 Kidrobot Gift Card

2nd: Mega MUNNY and 7-inch MUNNY

3rd: MUNNY family pack including a 7-inch MUNNY and all MUNNYWORLD characters

7 runners up: Mini MUNNY and a MUNNY zipper pull


  • Riding on  a bicycle: 25 points
  • Riding on a tandem bike: 50 points
  • Riding a unicycle: 100 points
  • With a dog or cat: 25 points
  • With a dog & cat: 50 points
  • With a dog, cat & fish: 75 points
  • Lying in a bucket of popcorn: 25 points
  • In the movie theatre screening: 100 points
  • Next to shiny rims: 25 points
  • Next to spinning rims: 100 points
  • Next to car with hydraulics, jumping higher than MUNNY: 500 points
  • In a park: 25 points
  • In a park sitting next to a bronze sculpture: 50 points
  • Thrown up in the air: 25 points
  • Skydiving: 500 points
  • Covered in ketchup: 25 points
  • Covered in ket. & mustard in a hotdog bun: 50 points
  • Lying in a bed of red apples: 25 points
  • Lying in a bed of organic apples: 50 points
  • Next to some graffiti: 25 points
  • Next to a outdoor mural: 50 points
  • Riding on a skateboard: 50 points
  • Hanging from a tree w/ neck tie: 50 points
  • Inside a museum: 50 points
  • In a museum next to a dinosaur: 250 points
  • Dismantled and used as toppings on a pizza: 50 points
  • On a golf green: 50 points
  • Place the head on ice-cream cone: 25 points
  • In between two scoops of ice cream with choco-sauce and sprinkles: 50 points
  • In a freezer: 25 points
  • Covered in ice condensation: 50 points
  • Sitting on a coin operated gum ball machine: 25 points
  • On a bus bench: 25 points
  • Riding in a bus: 50 points
  • On a stage: 50 points
  • Standing on stage at an outdoor amphitheater: 75 points
  • Next to a three stacks of coins: 25 points
  • Next to a stack of cash: 50 points
  • Next to a stack of cash as tall as your MUNNY: 100 points
  • With a department store greeter: 25 points
  • With a security guard: 50 points
  • With a police officer: 100 points
  • With a celebrity (include name/famous for): 500 points
  • On a roller coaster: 100 points
  • On a window sill of an airplane: 100 points
  • Floating in a pool: 25 points
  • On a boat in water: 100 points
  • Hanging inside a pair of chuck tailors: 25 points
  • Wearing sunglasses: 25 points
  • Wearing pair of Blublockers: 50 points
  • On a playground: 25 points
  • On a carousel: 50 points
  • On a real horse/pony/donkey: 250 points
  • With Gloomy: 25 points
  • With Dunny: 25 points
  • With Gloomy Dunny: 50 points
  • Dressed as a baby: 50 points
  • With a baby: 25 points
  • Dressed as a baby in a stroller/pouch with a baby: 75 points
  • In an office supply store: 25 points
  • In a wrestling ring: 25 points
  • Pinning a wrestler in a wrestling ring: 75 points
  • In a burrito: 25 points
  • In a burrito with guacamole: 50 points
  • Planting a tree: 50 points
  • At the police station: 25 points
  • In the back seat of a cop car: 100 points
  • Behind bars: 500 points
  • Eating a popsicle: 25 points
  • Inside a popsicle: 100 points
  • Sleeping with the fishes: 75 points

Be safe, have fun and good luck!


Congratulations to the winners.

1st: Monika S. of Florida
2nd: Raisa C. of California
3rd: Matt W. of California
4th: Doug S. of California
5th: Sam Y. of Ohio
6th: Shawn H. of Florida
7th: Andrew M. of California
8th: Shawna T. of Florida

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