June 21, 2010

MUNNY MUNTH Celebrity Judges Panel

The MUNNY MUNTH custom contest is our biggest and most exciting virtual MUNNY show to date! With all the crazy categories and prizes awaiting some lucky designers, we have arranged a panel of celebrity judges that’s just as diverse. There are some fresh faces in the Kidrobot family such as musician, Erykah Badu, taste maker Jeff Staple, designer Marcel Wanders, toy creator Mark Landwehr and culinary great Mario Batali. Alongside Kidrobot veterans Huck Gee, Amanda Visell, Frank Kozik, Tristan Eaton, MAD, Sket One and Paul Budnitz. Check out the contest details for more information.

Erykah Badu


Jeff Staple


Marcel Wanders


Mark Landwehr


Mario Batali

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