January 05, 2015

More Progress for the 1st Annual DTA DUNNY Show

On January 10th, The Clutter Gallery will open its doors for the 1st Annual DTA Dunny Show, but before we get there, we have to give you a look at whats in store for all the Dunny heads out there! This means, more work in progress images from our amazing pool of artists for the show! Remember, the show is a mix of both 8” and 20” Dunnys that will be available for purchase via the Clutter Gallery. Make sure you sing up for their newsletter at


Now for the eye candy!
Gabriel Carpio Sergiacomo isn’t holding back from what we can tell!

We like where Lou Pimental’s piece is going, but come on and show us the final work Lou!!!!

64 Colors never disappoint! Bringing their A game again!


More soon!

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