July 14, 2009

Mahala Kronk

Kronk talks about on Mahala

South African yeti-friend, Kronk talks about making art and what it was like to work with Kidrobot on the uber-popular Tree Huggr Dunny in his local web magazine, Mahala. Check it out. Go Kronk!

This character is like a signature for me, so it’s been a continual development. In early 2008, I sent the sketches and some other artwork to Kidrobot to see if they were interested. This was a little after my first dunny release, the Gingerman, so I wanted to strike while the iron was hot. They said yes and for most of 2008 we worked together, all via e-mail correspondence, through a series of approvals, ranging from sculpts (the accessory is unique to Tree Huggr), to paint work and moving bits and bobs around.

Look for Kronk gear on kidrobot.com.

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