December 03, 2014

Interview with artist and customizer Davemarkart (Dave Webb)

Recently we have been floored with all the new customizers out there on the scene, and have been reaching out to a few of them to learn more about them and their work. One of these up and coming amazing talents that caught our eye is Davemarkart aka Dave Webb. We have been tracking Dave’s work for some time and finally got to touch base with him.

Thanks to you for taking your time to answer these questions. Let’s get this ball rolling, shall we? What do you do for a living and where do you call home?

As far as a day job I work hard for minimal pay and no recognition. (A manager for a corporate company) I live in AZ

Tell us a lil about your background. When did you first get into the toy scene and customizing?

Been painting for over ten years and still learning. I am a self taught artist. Never even watched a tururial video on painting or sculpting. I prefer trial and error.
Mainly worked on canvas and simple sculpting using paperclay. Then I was customizing porcelain dolls. I was selling some work out of a gallery in downtown phx. One month the owner wanted us all to customize a vinyl toy. So I did. And was immediately addicted to them. Having a platform as a base opened a whole new world for me. Still using paperclay… I made quite a few. Then went onto using super sculpey and got a few tips from other vinyl artists/customizers.

You have a love for the horror and monster genre it seems, what drew you into this? FYI, I love the corporate Monsters series!

Monsters I’ve always had a fascination with monsters. Or anything creepy. Big fan of TIm Burtons characters

Who/what is your biggest influence?

As far as influences. My favorite artist has always been Tara McPherson. Just love they way her paintings kinda speak to me. And her colors are always so vibrant. Influences from the vinyl toy scene. RSIN has always been a major influence and he is one of the realist artist in the scene. He has given me quite a few tips on sculpting and just dealing with the scene in general. Also love Squink his style is top notch. Always love how clean and fresh his pieces are. JPK is another.

So far, what are some of your favorite platforms to work with, and what is one you haven’t yet?

I prefer to work on Dunnys and Munnys. (Most of my commissions are requests using those platforms.) currently I have some new platforms clients sent to me. A Muttpop Tequila which will become an “Epic” themed custom and also a MICKIV is sitting on my studio table. Can’t wait to work on both.

On that note, what is your favorite toy?

Favorite toy…. “LILITU” by Tara McPherson that toy is just amazing. One day I hope to add it to my collection.

Any plans for your own series of sculpts or a production piece down the way?

I really would like to revisit my “Corporate Monsters” series. Had plans on a release in 2014 but got slammed with commissions so maybe 2015. I’ve had many request to get my “Epic Dunny” and “Fragile Am I” dunny produced so whenever Kidrobot is ready I’m ready.
Thanks again for this opportunity.

any last thoughts before we go?

Also I am a family man. Got an amazing wife who gives me all the support I need. And 3 kids two lil girls and a son who is currently attending ASU. Everything I do is for them.

To learn more about Davemarkart and see his work, you can visit him at:


Thanks again Dave and more soon. but for now drool over some of our favorite pieces!

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