July 17, 2009

“Illicit” Street Art Exposed

Submitted by Meg Duffy

Meg Duffy created the blog, Illicit Exhibitions, which she describes as “a community where creators, appreciators, and everyone in between can come together to share their work and thoughts about art in public spaces.”

Submissions from artists worldwide include work from local legends like Earworm and The Krah to heavy-hitters like Michael De Feo and Mimi the Clown; Illicit keeps its finger on the scene’s racing pulse.

The site also takes contributions from like-minded graff heads with a story to share. Regardless of the source, Duffy says the blog is all about discussion, collaboration, and exploration. “I just feed off the thrill of the hunt,” she says. “Just like I love photographing new places, I’m overjoyed when we get a submission from a new country. This whole project is one huge adventure; I can’t wait to see where it goes next.”

Visit Illicit Exhibitions, and get the latest updates through MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.


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