January 16, 2014

Huck Gee and L’amour Supreme takeover Colorado

TONIGHT from 6-8pm, L’amour Supreme and Huck Gee are set to grace the halls at Kidrobot Boulder. Besides showing off their skills and signing to the local Colorado fans there will be 2 exclusive prints, one by each artist available as gift with purchase.

That isn’t all folks because there is now an after party!

From 8-9 (and beyond) at Press Play you can party with the artist while we have a Plush Happy Labbit filming party going down! The Labbits will be partying all night, so you better be too. Did we mention, we will have free shots, Jenga to ourselves, and we own the play list?

Now to get you amped up for the fun tonight, L’amour and Galen took the paint to the canvas at madelife for a brilliant collaboration. Can control and neon tones got everyone’s attention from the start with this “thrasher art style”. Now the stage is set to see what happens tonight! See you there!
For more coverage from the live painting, check out madelife’s blog.

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