November 05, 2015

DTA Dunny Show 2 Artist Profile: FPLUS


The DTA Dunny Show 2 is creeping closer and closer, but we have plenty of time to showcase the extraordinary talent of artists gracing the Dunny platform!
This week, we look at custom artist extraordinaire, Josh Pearce aka Fplus who has divulged some behind the scenes info on him, his jaw dropping story telling art, and the show.

Given Name: Josh Pearce
Artist Name: fplus
Location: secret station uberplus
City: Portland
State/Province: OR

Who are you? (background, inspirations, etc.) 
a self taught artist/ fantasy nerd, I’ve always been obsessed with making little monsters and telling stories.

What attracts you to using designer toys as the canvas for your art? 
I’ve customized most of the things I’ve owned, when I got my first dunny, I repainted it for my brother and had a ton of fun doing it. At the time, I didnt even know it was a thing a community of people did!

What was the inspiration for your piece in the exhibition? 
Just trying to knock the rust of my imagination a little bit i guess.

Where can someone find out more about you and your art? (website, facebook, twitter, instagram) 
My website is and you can find me on instagram: @fplusftw

Anything Else you’d like to say: 
Stay gold, pony boy!

We also asked fellow extremely talented artist Cass Jerman to describe Josh’s work:
“Inwardly endearing. I always felt that Josh’s characters (and I say that because they all explode with story behind the scenes) at the core, are holding onto something very important. They’re just looking at you waiting for you to be ready to hear it.

From there, he cloaks them in his love for fantasy: elaborate dressings, his appreciation of innocence, these big plates of armor, but all that weight still doesn’t manage to downplay the initial patience of that character. That’s great.

They have so many layers that they become really approachable in their conversation. Actually quite reflective of himself.”

This has us very excited to see what Josh has in store for the DTA Dunny Show! Keep an eye out because we will be showing some teasers soon!

To get you as amped up as we are, check out a sample of his previous work!

F F88 F4 F3

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