August 09, 2010

Daily Dunny 2010 – Day 9


UPDATED: 8/10/10

The anticipation is mounting as the countdown to Dunny Series 2010 continues. Everyday until August 19, there will be a new glorious photo of a Daily Dunny displayed in our awesome advent calendar. There you can check out the designers and find out what inspired them for the series, a daily contest as well as a map to all the participating locations of world wide launch parties. Inspired by magic, Day 9’s Daily Dunny is created by MCA of Evil Design.

Contest: What celebrity did MCA put on his first t-shirt design?

Enter to win an exclusive 3-inch Mustard Dunny by Sket One. Email the correct answer to by 11:59 pm PST tonight to enter the drawing.

Congratulations to Patrick S. You won a Mustard Dunny!

The correct answer is Pee-Wee Herman aka Paul Reubens.

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