November 08, 2011

Customs In The Sneaky Crypt

This past Halloween weekend, Kidrobot London treated tricksters to Sneaky Raccoon’s spooky 5 year anniversary group show, Tales From The Sneaky Crypt. Sneaky Raccoon and fellow UK artists Triclops Studios, Cris Rose, Lunabee, Podgy Panda, Emily Bee and friends, celebrated the horrific holiday with costumes, cobwebs and cute and creepy customs. A handful remain entombed and are now up for grabs in the Sneaky Crypt Store.

Get more freaky footage from the 3-day event on Clutter Magazine’s Flickr.


Clark Rotharmel


Emily Bee

LouLou & Tummie

Planet Domu

Cris Rose

Jenn & Tony Bot

Phil Corbett

Felt Mistress

Waste Studio

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