June 26, 2014

Collection Showcase: Fastfingers21

Are you excited for the release of Dunny Art of war tomorrow?

Well if for some odd reason you aren’t we got a collection showcase that might amp up that excitement!

This time around, forum member Fastfingers21 graciously shared with us his collection, and wow does he have some gloomy armies going on! He even shared with us how he got started collection:
“What are these little dolls?” I asked my brother in 2010.  “Not dolls, DUNNYS!”  He then practically dragged me to a local record shop called the Sound Garden in Syracuse, NY.  Five minutes later I was sitting in his car, holding the I scream for ice cream dunny by Esther Kim.  I instantly was hooked.  The creative use of the platform, the bright colors, the display-ability of the art.  Over several years I have amassed quite the urban vinyl art collection, and met amazing friends, collectors, and artists along the way.  Here is a look at a few different “gallery” set-ups I have done.  It ranges from massive dunny walls to more organized displays, which I prefer.

and a Throw Back thursday to Dunny 2013 (nice setup too)

Dunny Art of War releases on Friday, June 27th!

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