July 23, 2009

Be an SDCC KRonikle KoRespondent

Kidrobot KRonikle x SDCC

As much as we’d like to, the Kidrobot KRonikle can’t be at every signing, release and panel at San Diego Comic-Con. So we’re enlisting you to help us bring the Con home to our unfortunately absent friends. Writers, photographers, artists, creative geniuses, amateur news anchors, and social butterflies, send us your coverage of the most amazing convergence of art and nerds there is. We’ll feature our favorite entries on the KRonikle for everyone to see.

Plus, as always, at the end of each month we’ll give away a sweet prize pack to the user-submitted post that racks up the most views! Click here for all the rules.

Click here to submit your SDCC coverage to the KRonikle now!

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