June 27, 2012

Aya Kakeda Embarks On 3-City Art Tour In Mexico

After half a year of preparations and countless emails, Aya Kakeda is set to embark on a 3-city art mission in Mexico which will include multiple featured exhibitions and art toy releases with support from Amarillo Centro De Desiño, Rojo Bermelo and SK Sarukaku.

First Stop – Xalapa

Starting this Thursday, June 28 – 30, Aya will be opening a solo exhibition in Xalapa at the mulit purpose creative space Amarillo. There will also be a stop-motion animation workshop going on during this time.


2nd Stop – Mexico City

Aya will then venture out to Mexico City for the opening of her new show “Nice to Meet You Box-kun!” with the release of her new ceramic figures Box-kun Mexican version at SK Sarukaku Toys on July 6 at 7pm.


3rd Stop – Monterrey

The art mission then heads out to Monterrey for the Hanabi Monster Party at Rojo Bermelo. Aya has teamed with lush artist TOLOACHE to create a creative critter named Hanabi. This opening reception will also present a limited editoin silkscreen poster to go along with your fuzzy new friend.



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