November 10, 2011

Arcade Style Graffiti Action By LEPOS

Resonating all kinds of awesome, Toronto based animator and street artist Diego Bergia aka LEPOS perpetuates his nostalgic love for arcade video games and addiction to graffiti with the newest demos of his game, The Primary Invasion. A few months back LEPOS brought graf into into the picture with Arcade Clip #3. Now, in Arcade Clip # 4, LEPOS battles the New Primary Color while he roller bombs the Fort Mason building in SF.

Originally conceived in 1995 and featured by KOYAMA for the first time last year at Magic Pony, LEPOS continues to create awesome 32-bit adventures as he works on creating the actual working video game. Stay up with all things graffiti & video game inspired on his blog, The Primary Invasion.

“A world was thrown into chaos after visitors wielding the power of a new primary color landed at their doorstep. Lepos, the lone survivor, fought to escape and headed into the depths of the universe to seek solace. He coasted through countless solar systems until a rocket malfunction led to an emergency landing on an unknown planet… Earth! Unfortunately for us, he was followed. Now Lepos must defeat the very army that destroyed his planet while warning Earthlings of this new primary color and its impending danger… Our future is in his hands.”

LEPOS Arcade clip #4: SF from Diego Bergia on Vimeo.

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