Marvel Phunny Plush

Kidrobot.com is excited to announce the release of Marvel PHUNNY Plush!!  If you are stoked for the new Deadpool movie, celebrate by collecting all of your favorite Marvel characters including Deadpool, Spider Man, Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America!!!  Marvel Plush to save the day!

Deadpool Plush: There’s just not enough of Marvel’s fan-favorite, fast-talking mercenary Deadpool to go around. Console yourself with a 7 inch Deadpool PHUNNY plush (the Mini-Merc with the Mouth) – it’s far less deadly, and has no interest in your tacos. 

Spiderman Plush: When super-villains come calling, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man PHUNNY plush is always ready to disarm them with a clever wisecrack and an understanding hug. As someone once said, with great embroidered details comes great responsibility...

Captain America Plush: After being frozen in an iceberg for 70 years, Captain America continues his fight for truth, justice, and the American Way (in a slightly warmer form). The First Avenger is officially A1 for hugs as 7 inches of finely crafted PHUNNY plush with embroidered details.

Iron Man Plush: As he frequently reminds people, billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark is also a genius. While you were reading this, he invented a new plush armor for his Iron Man PHUNNY and sent it to his patent attorney. Well, there might still be a few bugs in the automatic hug navigation system...

Hulk Plush: Hulk... HUG? The gamma-irradiated creature is sometimes a scientist, but now he’s 7 inches of PHUNNY plush with some serious anger management issues. Soothe Bruce Banner’s alter ego with some gentle snuggling and reap the rewards of not being smashed.

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