South Park Anatomy Boys 2" Vinyl Figure4-Pack –Glow-in-the-Dark Edition (PRE-ORDER)
South Park Anatomy Boys 2" Vinyl Figure 4-Pack Glow-in-the-Dark Edition

South Park Anatomy Boys Art Figures by Kidrobot

Explore the irreverent charm of South Park like never before with Kidrobot's exclusive Anatomy Art Figures collection. Celebrating the iconic collaboration between Kidrobot and South Park, this collection captures the essence of your favorite characters in a whole new light. 

Don't miss out on this limited edition collection of Kidrobot x South Park Anatomy Art Figures. Explore the characters you know and love from a fresh perspective today. Shop now and immerse yourself in the world of Kidrobot x South Park Anatomy Art Figures. Embrace the absurdity and shop with confidence at

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Complete the South Park Anatomy Boys Set

Each Anatomy Art Figure is meticulously designed to showcase the distinctive anatomy and quirky details that define South Park's beloved characters. From the mischievous Eric Cartman to Kyle, every figure is a testament to the artistry and humor that fans have cherished for years.

Whether you're a dedicated collector or a South Park enthusiast, these figures are a must-have addition to your collection. Perfect for display or gifting, each piece brings a touch of South Park's satirical genius into your home.