Mike Fudge

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Mike Fudge is a self-taught modern artist, illustrator, and creative. His work is a mixture of mystical elements inspired by ancient cultures and traditions; including a stylized blending of the natural and supernatural, often personified animals will co mingle with the normal in his sacred world. His art explores themes such as hope, mysticism, and our daily lives. Mike is dedicated to the realization of this style through a number of mediums and works unceasingly to share that vision with the world.

Mike Fudge has a rapidly growing fan base and recently designed concert posters for Blink 182, Primus, The Pixies and Pearl Jam. Kidrobot has worked with Colorado based artist, Mike Fudge, on a number of customization projects including a live Dunny customization event at Denver Comic Con 2017.

Kidrobot is excited to introduce the KUBA 5-inch Dunny Art Figure by Mike Fudge releasing on Kidrobot.com on April 20th!