Balloon Dunny 8" Art Figure - Cyan Edition (CMYK Series)

$ 49.99

Back by popular demand! Kidrobot once again teams up with art collective, Wendigo Toys to inflate your Dunny collection with a new CMYK series of the Kidrobot Balloon Dunny 8" Art Figure. A progressive new form to the vinyl toy world’s favorite designer art toy, the Dunny, you’ve got a chance to catch the first in the series of four CMYK editions with the Cyan edition, limited 1,000 pieces worldwide.  Don’t let your chance to get this Dunny float away, grab it before it's gone!


Nestled in the Canadian wilds, Wendigo Toys was formed in 2016 by Andrew Martin and Amanda Bigford. Coming from different artistic backgrounds, they combined forces to produce toys that incorporate both of their strengths and a shared sense of humor.

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