DC Comics PHUNNY Plush

To the Batmobile! Kidrobot is ready with DC Comics plush! Kidrobot's DC Comics Plush collection features all of your favorite classic DC Characters including Classic Batman, Modern Batman, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Wonder Woman & Dawn of Justice Batman!

PHUNNY is full of your favorite characters softened to huggable absurdity. PHUNNY plushes blend Kidrobot's legendary quality and warped worldview to shake up the plush category. 

Classic Batman:  "KAAAPOW!”  The classic Caped Crusader is here to dish out cuddles on evildoers. Hearkening back to a Technicolor time, Classic Batman PHUNNY will teach you the Batusi as long as you eat your vegetables and drink your milk!

Modern Batman:  "I'm Batman!”  If you have hugs in your heart, there is nothing to fear from this Dark Knight. Join Batman PHUNNY on his nocturnal missions to fight crime and never fear the dark again. If you're lucky, maybe a ride in the Batmobile is in your future!

Joker Plush: "Where does he get those wonderful toys?!”  The Clown Prince of Crime smiles wide because even if he has to steal them, he will get into your clutches! The Joker PHUNNY is dapper as ever in purple suit with boutonniere; don't worry, it isn't a squirting flower…

Harley Quinn Plush: "Don't tell Mr. J!"  The Joker's main squeeze is now yours to hold! Harley Quinn PHUNNY is your quintessential naughty-girl pal: what mayhem will you two get up to?

Wonder Woman Plush: The most famous heroine of all time is plushed and ready to go.

Dawn of Justice Batman Plush:

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