Kidrobot x Sanrio Hello Kitty Time to Shine Pin Series

$ 5.99

Hello Kitty dresses up for her moment in the spotlight and takes to the stage in her favorite costumes! Whether she’s disguised as a close friend, a kaiju monster, or even a traveler from the farthest reaches of space, Hello Kitty is ready to step into the limelight and put her cosplay skills to the test. Accessorize and pin in style with your favorite costumed Hello Kitty.  Each of the 14 Hello Kitty Pins comes blind boxed to add to the fun and surprise of unboxing.  Can you hunt them all down?

COLLECT THEM ALL (Ratios = Probability of Getting That Character):

  • Prez Hello Kitty Pin - 1/20
  • Aggretsuko Hello Kitty Pin - 1/20
  • Green Alien Hello Kitty Pin - 2/20
  • Angel / Devil Hello Kitty Pin - 2/20
  • Rockabilly Hello Kitty Pin - 2/20
  • Kaiju Monster Hello Kitty Pin - 2/20
  • Pirate Hello Kitty Pin - 1/20
  • Scary Clown Hello Kitty Pin - 2/20
  • ?? Mystery Hello Kitty Pin (Blacked out on Package) - 1/20
  • Robot Hello Kitty Pin - 1/20
  • Scifi Hello Kitty Pin - 1/20
  • Steampunk Hello Kitty Pin - 2/20
  • ?? Mystery Hello Kitty Pin (Blacked out on Package) - 1/20
  • Zombie Hello Kitty Pin - 1/20

Note: Each quantity ordered equals one blind box pin.  To order a case pack (display box) of random pins, please order a quantity of 20+.

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