Kidrobot x Tiny Toon Adventures Blind Box Keychains

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Join the cartoony fun with another dose of 90’s nostalgia as Kidrobot presents the Tiny Toon Adventures blind boxed keychains! These premium vinyl keychains start your furry, funny adventure with your favorite Tiny Toons including Buster, Babs, Beeper, Furball, and all the Tiny Toon characters your inner 90's child could need!  Hunt for all 12 Kidrobot x Tiny Toons Keychains today for a looney level of 90's nostalgia!  Each quantity ordered equals one blind-boxed keychain.

Keychain Series Ratios/Blind Box Chances Listed Below:

  • Calamity Coyote Tiny Toons Keychain - 2/24
  • Little Beeper Tiny Toons Keychain - 2/24
  • Bookworm Tiny Toons Keychain - 1/24 (Rare)
  • Dizzy Devil Tiny Toons Keychain - 2/24
  • Furball Tiny Toons Keychain - 1/24 (Rare)
  • Fifi Tiny Toons Keychain - 2/24
  • Hampton J Pig Tiny Toons Keychain - 2/24
  • Barky Marky Tiny Toons Keychain - 2/24
  • Babs Bunny Tiny Toons Keychain - 3/24
  • Buster Bunny Tiny Toons Keychain - 3/24
  • Sneezer Tiny Toons Keychain - 2/24
  • Dodo Gogo Tiny Toons Keychain - 2/24

Note: Each quantity ordered equals one random blind-boxed keychain.  

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