Critical Role: Bells Hells - Chetney Pock O’ Pea Phunny Plush

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Though fabric is not his preferred medium, Chetney, the Master Craftsman, would appreciate the fine work of art that is his adorable plush form! The frenetic woodworker from the Bells Hells campaign of Critical Role may appear to be your typical grumpy, old gnome (400? 500? 600 years old? Not even Chetney remembers!), but he has a bestial side that remains hidden until the time is right. Having only recently acquired his lycanthropic abilities, Chetney is still learning how to control his werewolf instincts, but don’t worry, he only unleashes the beast on his enemies (usually). If there is one thing Chetney wants you to take away from his companionship, it is to Recognize the Alpha within—know your power! This plush sits just under 7 inches tall and is made from the softest premium materials and lots of love.