Bob Ross with Peapod the Squirrel HugMe Plush (PRE-ORDER)

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Bob Ross taught us all that we could be artistic and that we don't make mistakes, we have happy accidents! Add the joy of plush and painting to your life with the new Bob Ross Peapod the Squirrel Plush HugMe by Kidrobot. An icon of instructional art, this Bob Ross HugMe Plush has the perfect look and everything you need to “beat the devil” out of your plush collection! Squeeze and hug all 16 inches of this HugMe Vibrating plushie friend! As with all HugMe plush this comes with a vibrating shake action unit with removable batteries for an additional snuggly sensational hug.

Shake action when you hug it! Shake action when you clap!

*3 AA batteries included.

*Images not final.