Yummy World Attack of the Donuts Keychain Series by Kidrobot

Donuts, Donuts, and more Donuts! When it comes to sweet decadence, you can never get enough. Donuts are the perfect super food for any occasion; and now you can enjoy them as keychain series with the new Yummy World Attack of the Donuts Keychain Series. Take these individual Yummy World doughnut friends with you everywhere and add a little color and funky sweetness to your life with 16 different delectable and collectible donut characters.

Each donut keychain comes foiled bagged and sealed in a blind box to preserve the rarity and collectibility of each piece.  Even we don't know whats in each blind box adding to the surprise and delight of each unboxing.  This donut keychain series come in a wide array of collectible colors and patterns, guaranteed to level-up your accessory game when you collect them all. Make this holiday a Yummy Yuletide by using these as Christmas Tree Ornaments, Stocking Stuffers and Gift Toppers for everyone on your list!  Ready or not, here comes Attack of the Donuts!!!

Collect them all:

  • It’s Electric Lightning Bolt Donut Keychain - 1/24 (Rare)
  • Yellow X’s & Oh My Donut Keychain – 1/24 (Rare)
  • Blue Frosted Donut Keychain - 2/24
  • Yellow Frosted Donut Keychain - 2/24
  • Chocolate Frosted Chocolate Donut Keychain – 2/24
  • Dripping Driptastic Donut Keychain - ??/?? (Extremely Rare Chase Piece)
  • Pink Frosted Donut Keychain - 2/24
  • Rainbow Frosted Donut Keychain - 2/24
  • Cereal Topped Donut Keychain - 1/24 (Rare)
  • Polka Dot M&M’s Pink Frosted Donut Keychain – 2/24
  • Yellow Drizzled Red Frosted Donut Keychain - 2/24
  • Blue Swirl Drizzled Blueberry Donut Keychain - 2/24
  • Pink Frosted Chocolate Donut with Sprinkles Keychain – 2/24
  • Yellow Stripe Drizzled Blue Frosted Blueberry Donut Keychain - 1/24 (Rare)
  • Devil Devils Food Cake Donut Keychain – 1/24 (Rare)
  • ??? - 1/48 (Extremely Rare Secret Chase Piece)

Note: Each quantity ordered equals one blind box keychain, to order a display box case pack, order a quantity of 24 units.

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With signature "googley" eyes and a dashed smile, Yummy World brings life to baked goods, fruits, vegetables, and beyond. Yummy World is a reminder that life is sweet, salty, and most of all, delicious. Yummy World is an exclusive Kidrobot brand and comes in plush versions, keychains, vinyl mini figures and even purses, clutches and bags!  Make your world yummy today!

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