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Predator Phunny Plush

The highly anticipated Predator Plush PHUNNY collection is now available for purchase from Kidrobot.

Masked Predator: Nothing like the earth has seen before. Kidrobot’s Masked Predator PHUNNY is looking to fill its lust…for hugs! Grab one today and let the hunt begin!

Angry Predator: Angry Predator sees you and your fear. Kidrobot’s unmasked Angry Predator PHUNNY strikes fear with open mandibles! It’s protective of his prize…your hugs. Get one today or you’ll be in a world of hurt!

Dutch: If it bleeds, we can kill it. Kidrobot’s Dutch PHUNNY is here to fight the ultimate battle of man vs. beast…for your heart. Grab him today and get to the choppa!

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