Futurama All Hail Hypnotoad 6" Metallic Art Figure by Kidrobot

$ 49.99

Kidrobot is excited to bring you an this metallic orange vinyl edition of the Hypnotoad with the Futurama All Hail Hypnotoad 6-inch Metallic Art Toy Figure.  This toad uses his lenticular eyes as a power of hypnotism on people and animals that surround him. Bvroaoaoaoaoaor oaoaoa oraooroaroaoaro aoroaoaoraoroaoraoraoo aroaoaroaoroaoaoraoroa oraoraooaroao aroaoroaoaoraoroaorao raooaroaoaroa oroaoaoraoroaoraorao oaroaoaroaoroaoaoraoroaoraoraooa roaoaroaoroao aoraoroaoraoraooa roaoaroaoroaoaoraoroaora oraooaroaoaroao roaoaoraoroaoraora ooaroaoaroaoroaoaoraor oaoraoraooaroaoaroaoroao aoraoroaoraoraooaroao aroaoroaoaoraoroaora oraooaroaoaroaoroaoaoraoroaoraora ooaroaoaroaoroaoaora oroaoraoraooaroa oaroaoroaoaorao roaoraoraooaroaoa roaoroaoaoraoroa oraoraooaroao aroaoroaoaoraoroaoraorao.  Add this 6-inch vinyl Futurama art figure painted in gorgeous metallic orange to your collection today and all hail hypnotoad!

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