Vladonna Blonde Hair DIY Alternative Fashion Doll

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Kidrobot is proud to introduce the world to Vladonna, a drag inspired curvaceous customizable fashion & art doll with unlimited possibilities.

What happens when artist / RuPaul’s Drag Race star PEARL (aka Matthew Lent), famed doll diva Gina Garan and premier designer art toy brand, Kidrobot, get together? Meet Vladonna! Vladonna is the brand new icon that gives you a platform to take your imagination and creativity to a new level. 

Kidrobot is known for bringing art to life and offers platforms like Munny, Dunny and Labbit for some of the worlds top artists and emerging artists alike to create the future of art and culture.  With backgrounds in graffiti art, fine art, industrial design, graphic design, illustration, music, make-up artistry and performance art, Kidrobot's reach is branches throughout pop culture and beyond.

"Vladonna’s world is only limited to your imagination. Vladonna is for everyone, because she is everyone no matter your sexuality, gender, race, size or talent. She allows you the chance to show the world what beauty truly means to you with the customizable version. Vladonna is whoever you want her to be!"

-Matthew Lent aka Pearl

The Vladonna DIY Alternative Fashion Doll is created by an incredible woman who was instrumental in reviving and making the Blythe fashion doll one of the most collectible dolls in the world and an artist who has transformed his artistic creativity into the world of drag and has been drawing versions of Vladonna since he was a boy.  Both of these individuals have worked on bringing Vladonna to life for years.  Both of them appreciate and respect the curvaceous feminine form from two points of view which make Vladonna such a special creation for Kidrobot to work on. This limited edition DIY customizable version is the first in a line of collectible Vladonna dolls that will be available so don't miss out on this one.

This unique doll stands approximately 12 inches tall and comes in three hair color options: lavender (SOLD OUT), black (SOLD OUT) and this platinum blonde. Included in the box is a doll stand that holds her at the waste allowing you the chance to pose Vladonna. Vladonna's breastplate is made of a soft silicone to easily squeeze into outfits.  There are unlimited customization possibilities.

RuPaul herself once said that everybody is born naked and the rest is drag.” Vladonna was born into this world naked and the rest is up to you.  What will you do with her?

We wanna see your Vladonna customization in progress!  Tag @kidrobot, @vladonnaworld, #vladonnadoll, #vladonna & #kidrobot in your Vladonna videos and photos so we can share!

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