Alien Xenomorph HugMe Vibrating Plush by Kidrobot

Kidrobot teams up again with Ridley Scott's science fiction horror movie, Alien, to take your breath away with a super soft fully grown squeezable Alien Xenomorph Plush. Never before have you been able to cuddle up with this killer... This vibrating monster is Alien at it's finest for you to hold, squeeze and hug all 16 inches of Alien Xenomorph HugMe Vibrating plushie goodness! That's right... When you hug this extraterrestrial monster or clap, it shakes to life for the hug that NEVER ends! Apparently one of the deadliest extraterrestrial species just needed a little love all along.

Each HugMe plush comes with a vibrating shake action unit with removable batteries for an additional snuggly sensational hug.

Shake action when you hug it!  Shake action when you clap!

*3 AA batteries included

HugMe Vibrating Plush by Kidrobot


Kidrobot brings you some plush buddies with a little action! Introducing the all-new HugMe shake action plushies. These 16 inch tall high quality plush characters not only shake when you hug them but also when you clap. Your favorite characters are brought to life including Ghostbusters Slimer, Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Groot, Godzilla, Marvel's Deadpool Riding a Unicorn, Aggretsuko and more. Collect them all right now at!

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