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Bobs Burgers Blind Box Keychain Series

Everyone’s favorite foodie family is back! Bob’s Burgers and Kidrobot have teamed up to bring the Belchers back for an all-new Bobs Burgers keychain series! Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise plus a few of their friends have shrunk to pocket size. Perfect for backpacks, keys, purses or taking on your favorite Wonder Wharf ride. Each Bobs Burgers keychain comes foil bagged and blind boxed to preserve the rarity and collectibility of each piece adding mystery and surprise to each open!  Even we don't know what is in each box.  Collect all 14 Bobs Burgers keychains today or find yourself eating a regret-a-burger!

COLLECT THE WHOLE SERIES - Ratios shown below:

  • Bobs Burgers Bob Belcher keychain - 3/24
  • Bobs Burgers Linda Belcher keychain - 2/24
  • Bobs Burgers Tina Belcher keychain - 3/24
  • Bobs Burgers Gene Belcher keychain - 3/24
  • Bobs Burgers Louise Belcher keychain - 3/24
  • Bobs Burgers Erotic Friend Fiction Buttloose Notebook keychain - 2/24
  • Bobs Burgers Calvin keychain - 1/24 (rare)
  • Bobs Burgers Teddy keychain - 1/24 (rare)
  • Bobs Burgers Bob Belcher Pony keychain - 1/24 (rare)
  • Bobs Burgers Human Flesh Sign keychain - 1/24 (rare)
  • Bobs Burgers Burger of the Day Board Chedder 'bout me keychain - 1/24 (somewhat rare)
  • Bobs Burgers Burger of the Day Board Prawn Time keychain - 1/48 (extremely rare chase piece)
  • Bobs Burgers Kuchi Kopi keychain - 1/48 (extremely rare chase piece)
  • Bobs Burgers Gene Belcher On The Toilet keychain - 2/24

NOTE: Each quantity ordered equals one blind box keychain.  To buy the display case pack, order a quantity of 24 pieces.

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