South Park

Kidrobot and South Park released the first South Park mini figure series in 2011 and brought the iconic Colorado boys and their friends to life in vinyl form. We figured, why stop there? We teamed up again to create a collection of South Park plushies and South Park collectibles, including officially licensed enamel pins, all-new collectible mini figure sets, limited-edition art figures, and so much more.

South Park Plushies

Screw you guys, I'm going home... to hang out with officially licensed South Park plushie toys! From your favorite characters like Towelie, Randy, Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny, to Mr. Hankey, Butters, the Goth Kids, and more, you'll always have a reliable friend to chill with when you add South Park stuffies to your collection. We know what youโ€™re thinking: โ€œWill my Cartman plush have an angry and evil personality?โ€ Nope! Your Cartman plush will simply just want your love.

South Park Toys & Collectibles

Grab the Kidrobot x South Park toys, art figures, and collectibles, including mini figurines, vinyl figures, enamel pins, and so much more. Put them on display and watch as your South Park collection reaches new heights. South Park Toys will elevate your fan status and prove your unwavering devotion to this unapologetically irreverent animated series.

We canโ€™t wait to see what kind of shrine you create with your South Park plushies, toys, and collectibles! Tag us @kidrobot on Instagram to be featured!