July 31, 2013

Toy Photography by Ryan Roberts

Some people play with their toys, and some people really play with their toys! Ryan Roberts falls into the extreme category because he not only plays with his toys, he takes them to a new level with photography.

You might have seen his set up at conventions, forums, or other posts, but if you haven’t, Ryan Roberts photography utilizes many of the toys we love in perfect staged scenes. Making use of vintage toys and the abundance of modern vinyl, Ryan easily creates amazing themed visions with toys spanning multiple genres. His photos of these scenes are often whimisical and fun, and it is great seeing a Dunny mixed with a Bearbrick and then a custom in a backdrop of mischief and mayhem. His work gives way to ideas on how we all can display some of our collections, and the photography  definitely shows off toys in a new light. For more on Ryan, his website is here.

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