July 13, 2009

Tilt vs. Scotland!

Bound for the UK, bubble-fetishist, graffiti artist and photographer, Tilt packed his bags and brought his dad on a location scouting excursion through the Scottish countryside for an upcoming Kidrobot photo shoot. While on the job, with his father on the lookout, Tilt made his mark all throughout Glasgow. Here’s a few shots from their trip.

Trendy Girl, Glasgow City, April 2009.
Like I always do with the girls I shoot, I went to do a graffiti with Leanne’s name. For the first time in my life, my dad was there looking at me painting and telling me to stop and hide when cops or people were around.

On the Road Again, Scotland, April 2009.
When I finished shooting, I went for a road trip on the north of the country with my dad. I took time to do some graffiti and pictures like I always do when I travel.

Long Hair Cows, Scotland, April 2009.
On the way back to Glasgow from Inverness, I shot some crazy looking animals.

Loch Ness Monster, Scotland, April 2009.
I decided to go and try to do personal version of the monster and I was really lucky to meet it.

Fish and Chips, Scotland, April 2009.
I had to try the most traditional meal of the country with my dad, and we had to share it with some hungry birds.

Tilt Everywhere, Scotland, April 2009.
Looking at the map we noticed that there was a river call Tilt. As a megalomaniac graffiti artist I wanted to see it. It was amazing cause everything was named Tilt: the river but also shops, hotels, parks… I felt like home!

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