March 02, 2016

The Top 10 Ways You Can Save Money To Buy More Toys!

Greetings Kidrobot fans! We are excited to feature a guest blog today from The Toy Viking, aka Chris Holt! Chris will be a regular contributor to the Blog and we are very excited to have him take the reigns! To go along with our upcoming Jeremyville Lucky Dollar & Lucky Coin release, Chris has left you an instructional guide to saving more money for toys!

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Jeremyville’s Lucky Dollar & Lucky Coin will be available on this Friday!


Being a toy collector isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to let a choice release escape your grasp because the electric company just isn’t sympathetic to your need for plastic.  And you know it’s hard times out there for everyone when you’ve got Kanye on Twitter trying to panhandle. While his methods of fund raising may be a little unorthodox, his supposed $53 million dollar debt sure puts those student loans in perspective.  Fear not though, because here are some easy ways you can stop paying for dumb things and start buying more of what you actually want.


  1. We all love our pets, but the food cost can be outrageous. They eat constantly and then have the audacity to ask for treats in between meals. Grumpy Cat got a job, so obviously there’s work for them out there. However, if you’re house is filled with cute little fuzz balls who prefer a life of leisure to one of labor, here’s how you can cut their food bill down to almost zero: neighbor kids. Seriously, neighbor kids are everywhere and not only will they provide your pet with a delicious meal, but the thrill of the chase will also ensure your animals get the playtime they so desperately need.


  1. Electricity is expensive and as I mentioned earlier, controlled by people who are not concerned that you need new toys. You know what isn’t expensive though? An extension cord! Drive through your neighborhood and look at all the outlets that aren’t even being used. How disrespectful!  Put ‘em to good use so you can keep your collection well lit for all of those Instagram photos.


  1. Eating lunch at work is a must but it can get pricey when you start adding up all those meals. Bringing your own lunch is a great way to cut down costs but let’s take it a step further and eliminate your lunch bill all together.  The refrigerator in your break room is like Pandora’s Box. It’s filled with edible surprises and somehow restocks itself every morning. You’ll be eating for free as long as you have an adventurous pallet!


  1. The other side of the toilet paper is not there for decorative purposes.  I’m just sayin’.


  1. Did you know that Chinchillas don’t like getting wet? Instead of taking a normal bath, Chinchillas roll around in sand to keep clean.  That sounds counterintuitive, but you can fill any car’s trunk space with dirt and cut your water bill in half with this method. Chinchillas are reeeeeaaaaaaalllly soft so I think they may be on to something.


  1. Do you still have VHS tapes taking up valuable space in your house? Why not go back in time and start your own video rental service? Seriously, just throw those things out already, because I don’t even think hipsters buy those.


  1. Utilize your car’s roadside assistance program to get towed to work at least once per month. The savings in gas will add up in no time! This also doubles as a great way to write that self help book you always wanted to: “Things I Learned While Being Towed To Work Once a Month To Save Money.”


  1. Two words: Medical testing. I once knew someone who tested out a new toothpaste and lost all feeling in his gums for a week. That’s fine because he didn’t need them to spend the $50 he made.


  1. Have you ever been to a restaurant and seen people eat all of their food?  If you answered “yes”, you aren’t going to the right restaurants.  People never finish their food, so a great way to feed your family on the cheap is to dress as a bus boy and pocket the leftovers from your favorite places. You will already be speeding down the interstate by the time anyone finds out you don’t work there! It’s like a really weird version of Halloween.


  1. Never ever get rid of any of your clothes.  Fashion comes back in five year cycles, so the average person will be on trend 14 times in their life. If grunge is your thing then it’s even better! This way, you won’t have to worry about trying to sew your clothes back together as they eventually disintegrate on your body.


With these helpful tips you’ll be neck deep with disposable income in no time. Now if only you had somewhere really cool to store all of your savings.

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