March 12, 2012

The EPIC Custom Collection Of vinyltoyz

By far one of the sickest custom collections in the art toy world, Kidrobot Forums member Eduardo Olegario aka vinyltoyz has amassed a display that most can only dream of. With pieces by just about every customizer in the scene, established and emerging, this hardcore collector from Massachusetts has been seeking out customs on every platform imaginable over the past 3 years.

Take moment and live vicariously through vinyltoyz’s 148 page Flickr slideshow below. Be sure to view at full screen for best results.

In no particular order the arsenal of artists include: Chris Ryniak, 64 Colors, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Travis Louie, Scott Radke, Amanda Louis Spayd, The Beast Brothers, KaNO, Gary Ham, Rohby, Jeremian Ketner, Cris Rose, Lou Pimental, Squink, Timself, Kevin Gosselin, Chauskoskis, ZAM, Sergio Mancini, Igor Ventura, Nikejerk, Fuller, Lunabee, Sean Viloria, Matt A, Nerviswr3k, Bryan Collins, Chrisosaur, Fuller, Hugh Rose, F Plus, B.A.L.D., Squidnik, Wuzone, Fas, Ardabus Rubber, Vinylassassin, CrestOne, Clark Rothamel, Diakka, Tyler Coey, Artmymind, Nakanari, Amanda Visell, Scribe, Julie West, Jason Limon, Dan May, Bjornik, Ken Keirns, JennyBird, Fakir, Rsin, Angry Woebots, Drilone, Huck Gee, MAD, Leecifer, Trex, KidAkira, Vinyleater, Southern Drawl, Jacenko, Doktor A, Reactor 88, JC Rivera, Friff, Markie Darkie, Konako, Grimsheep, Phu, Okedoki, RunDMB, JonPaul Kaiser, Dr. Befa, Gabriel Carpio, Avatar666 and Stu Witter.

Forgive me if anyone has been left out as this collection continues to grow.

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