October 18, 2010

Shawnimal’s Hidden Ninja Photo-Bomb Winners

Ol’ Master Ninja would be very proud of the stealthy efforts put forth by all entries in the Hidden Ninja Photo-Bomb contest. Those who came out on top used the forces of creativity, timing, wide angle lenses and side kicks to attain victory.

First place receives an iPod Touch, a full set of Ninjatown wee vinyl series, Trees Of Doom game, a custom Shawnimals iPod case, Wee Devil plush, Ninjatown Vol. 1 : The adventures of Wee Ninja, Ninjatown Micro Plush, stickers and buttons.
Second and third place receive a custom Shawnimals iPod Touch case, Wee Devil plush, Ninjatown Vol. 1, Ninjatown Micro Plush, stickers, buttons and 8 Ninjatown wee vinyl figures..

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated!

1st Place: Victoria I. 155 points


2nd Place : Angela L. 129 points


3rd Place : José C. 79 points


Runners Up:






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