July 16, 2012

Product Preview – Goon Squad Mini Bust Series

Now it’s your turn to push them around.

Hail the Goon Squad: the newest edition to Frank Kozik’s empire of busts. Each of these five friendly dictators is 4-inches tall and ready to take over your world. These leaders are dressed to impress, sculpted in single color vinyl, and available in 5 color options: electric blue, magenta, yellow, black and white. You can pick your authoritarian – The Pyong Yang Player, DJ Aya-Holla, Lil Ilych, The Gipper, or The Havana Slammer – though which color you get, we are not at liberty to say.

Retailing for $9.95 US (£7.90 UK, €9.20 EU), the tyranny begins July 26 at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers.

The Havana Slammer


The Pyong Yang Player

DJ Aya-Holla

Lil Ilych

The Gipper


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