February 12, 2010

One Million Giraffes

A fellow from Norway made a bet that he could collect 1 million handmade giraffes in 2011. So far he has more than a half million. We’re not sure why he wants giraffes, but it’s still pretty impressive. Anyone can submit, and the rules are simple: nothing store bought, and nothing done on a computer, or with the aide of a computer.

From the FAQs section:

It doesn’t matter if I make to a million. I really, really want to, and I’m still working towards that goal, but at this point it’s just fun to see people all over the world turning off their TVs, putting their computers away and sitting down to drawing giraffes. Old school style.

At Kidrobot, we can get behind this back-to-basics approach. Many of our artists have their best work start off as just sketches or doodles in a book. It’s too bad he won’t take store bought things, otherwise we could send some RAFFYs.

Has any KRonikle reader sent in a giraffe? We’d like to see too!

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