November 30, 2009


MUNNYWORLD HaikuMake MUNNYWORLD at peace with the universe and win your toy own to customize!

You have until 6pm EST to compose your own haiku poem about one of the MUNNYWORLD characters (MUNNY, TRIKKY, BUB, RAFFY or ROOZ). Write a non-rhyming 3 line poem with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the last line.

At 6pm EST, we’ll close the contest and randomly choose winners from the entries. One entry per MUNNYWORLD character per person. After your poem, indicate which character your zen masterpiece is about. We’ll award 5 MUNNYWORLD prizes, one for each character!


Thanks to everyone who entered. Congrats to Nicole P. of NY NY, Aaron M. of Houston TX, Chelsea C. of Bowling Green KY, Nga M. of Arlington TX, and Andy B. of Houston TX! You each won a new MUNNYWORLD figure!

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