July 15, 2010

MUNNY MUNTH Winners – Best of Show

We here at Kidrobot are amazed and inspired by the awesome participation and talent poured into MUNNY MUNTH. This was by far our biggest and best competition to date! With all the brilliant designs and concepts submitted, the judges had an incredibly difficult time aligning the categories and boiling them down to a top three.

A hearty congratulations to Betso for taking the cake, Hugh Ross for taking our breath away and Igor Ventura for sharing his top-shelf customizing skills. Big ups to Mariana Fuentes for really connecting with the community in the People’s Choice Award.

Some artists pushed it to the limits with numerous designs, so we created the James Brown Award. There were a handful of artists in the running for the title, Hardest Working Man (or Woman) in MUNNY MUNTH. Big ups to JohnxSHREDx for his 5 (five!) diverse creations.

Finally, please give a round of applause for our esteemed panel of judges! Just wait until next year…

Grand Prize:

1st Place

Artist: Betso
Title: The Incubator
Purchased at kidrobot.com
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Creepy Creepy. – Amanda Visell

Athena leaped from Zeus’s head, fully grown and armedβ€”with a shout, β€œand pealed to the broad sky her clarion cry of war. And Ouranos trembled to hear, and Mother Gaia… – Frank Kozik

Top notch idea and execution! Love the lil guy poppin outta his head. Great job! – MAD



2nd Place

Artist: Hugh Rose aka DRED
Title: Wooden Sky Monkey
Purchased at Ik’sentrik
St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Isles

Absolutely gorgeous design. The wood texture, the clouds, the meticulous line work, the organic feel, the overall character design. A beautiful blend of so many elements. Simply beautiful. – Huck Gee

Just wow! LOVE the paint job!! Very clean work, and the overall design flows really well. Awesome work. – MAD

Technically awesome. – Amanda Visell



3rd Place

Artist: Igor Ventura
Title: Neandertown Executive
Purchased on ebay
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Weird and pimpy. – Amanda Viselll

Forclosures are my Bizness, and Bizness iz good, – Frank Kozik



People’s Choice:

1st Place

Artist: Mariana Fuentes
Title: Indigo and Green
Purchased at Freak Store
Caracas, Venezuela
Likes: 1,639

What can we say, you are most liked by your friends and peers. Congratulations!!!!



James Brown Award:

The Hardest Working Man in MUNNY MUNTH.

Artist: JonxSHREDx
Title: The Sniper
Purchased at kidrobot.com
Rowland Heights, USA

The Sniper takes the post apocalyptic battle-bot concept to a whole new level of awesomeness. This design floored me when I received the submission. -WB



Title: The Escape Artist

From concept to execution, The Escape Artist is a detailed and inventive design that uses the Dunny ear accessory like no other. Brilliant! -WB



Title: Gnome Home

The Gnome Home is a very textured and rustic design with a hint of cuteness. Amazing creation in such a short time span of 2 days. -WB



Title: The War Bird



Title: Zunny



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