April 18, 2016

MUNNY Monday: Pancake by Joseph Ehara


  1. Tell us a little about yourself.

The name is Joseph Ehara aka “shinobistinks” and I’ve enjoyed Kidrobot products for many years. My first introduction was with the Kronk Labbit blind box series, and purchasing a MUNNY roughly 7 years ago. That MUNNY sat blank for many years because I couldn’t pin down what I wanted to do with it. The Dunny is what really turned into my gateway toy into all things Kidrobot. My wife and I wanted something we could set our wedding rings on when we showered. We found the Sideshow Dunny and thought it would work out perfectly. After purchasing our first blindbox, it turned into another, then another, and so forth. The collecting eventually turned into creating, and the creating has been a passion of mine. After visiting Kidrobot San Francisco many times for releases, the passion grew stronger.

  1. Who are your biggest influences in art?

There are so many influences I’ve tried to pull inspiration from. Hayao Miyazaki and the world of Studio Ghibli has the be he most significant influence. In the vinyl art world; Kano, Jon Paul Kaiser, Dave Webb, Frank Montano, are just a few. All of the works from these artist are so sharp and production worthy, even if it’s a custom.

  1. Tell us about your creation.

This particular creation is titled Pancake. It began as a 7″ MUNNY that had its arm broken when I tried pulling the piece apart, and a dent on its face. I used Super Sculpey to sculpt the clothing, and acrylic paint for color. Everything is hand brushed. Since I knew I wanted to create a zombie, it was the perfect accident to experiment with the arm position. Using sculpey,I was able to turn the arms upright in a more traditional zombie pose. Pancake is apart of a larger world I’ve made up. This zombie vampire family is looking to avenge their family’s restaurant that was overrun during a zombie takeover. Pancake wanders the world with his little sister Cupcake (the Dunny pictured) to gather the secret ingredients to their family recipes so cupcake can once again open her cupcake shop.


  1. How can people get in contact with you?

People can get in touch with me through Instagram (@shinobistinks) or via email (shinobistinks@gmail.com).

  1. Now that you’re world famous do you promise to use this platform only for good, resisting all the temptations that are sure to follow?  If you answered “no” please explain.

The use of this platform will definitely be used for good. The temptations that will surely follow will not lure me to the illusionary benefits of evil. After pledging myself to the MUNNY platform and the super secret club of creators, I promised to use my powers for good, and to never speak of the super secret club of creators…. Oh wait… Darn :/


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