April 25, 2014

More Munny, Less Problems

Time to show off what some of our fabulous and creative fans can do with Munny and MunnyWorld!
Straight from our very own forum, we will highlight three more amazing Munny creations that show the diversity of what our little Munny is capable of!

Up first, Rask_Opticon’s “Blissful Pain”. A Demon Pig tattooist riding his pet Demon Bunny. On the Pig’s stomach it says “Hate This” and on the Bunny’s side it says “Blissful Pain”. I made the tattoo machine from scratch out of clay and a piece of a tattoo needle.


Believethehype busted out the paint brushes for their first ever attempt at customizing, and we think the finished product is perfect. Way to go, and keep it up!!!


and JumpJumperAnt’s “MIQUITL”
I did an 8 inch Munny. I modeled the face with sculpy, eyes resin, sewed and bordé the clothes by hand, painted with an airbrush, I drew flowers forehead and arms by hand, placed the hair strand by strand and finally applied the strips, ribbons and flowers adorning his head.

Keep up the customizing, and we will be showing off more amazing work next week!

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