March 16, 2010

KidMutant Fallout FotoMash Contest

Fallout Fotomash Contest

updated 3/17/10

Contaminated by Frank Kozik‘s experimental nuclear radiation project, Kidrobot emerges tentacle-armed and triple-eyed accompanied by an “enhanced” Labbit sidekick.

This limited piece hits stores this Thursday, March 18, but you can secure your own ray of radiation by winning KidMutant in the Fallout FotoMash Contest!

Step  1:

Mutate yourself in a photo manipulation, collage or drawing and post your pic in the comments below. Be creative, have fun and imagine what you kind of mutated creature you would become. (Don’t have Photoshop, don’t get down. Adobe now offers a free version of Photoshop on their web site, and plenty of other options are out there on the web.)

Step 2:

That’s not the end of it! In true anarchical post-apocalypse fashion, you choose the winner! Check back at this page and review the entries submitted by other KRonikle readers. When you see a FotoMash Mutation that makes you glow, give it a thumbs up “+1” Reply in the comments! (+1 votes might not appear right away. Hold your horses and new comments will show up within 12 hours)

Step 3:

Win! The entry with the most positive feedback on Thursday 3/18 at 5pm EST wins Kidrobot 18: KidMutant!

Enter early and often! You can enter and vote as many times as you want, coerce friends to do the same, but remember, you can only vote once on any entry.

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Good luck!

Instructions on embedding an image in your comment:

Embedding an image in your comment is a little tricky.
The easiest way to submit a photo is to upload it to your Flickr account. Login to your account, visit the image you’d like to embed and click the Share This button. Copy the code from the “Grab the HTML” section and paste it into your comment.

If you’d like to host your image elsewhere, first paste the following HTML tag into your comment (be sure to include the brackets!):

<img src=”” />

Next, visit your image online and right-click it and select “Copy Image Location” or “Copy Image Address”. Now, paste your Image Location between the quote marks in the code you selected above.
For example:

<img src=”” />

Please note that all images bigger than 580 pixels wide will get chopped off horizontally. Please make your image 500-580 pixels wide or smaller for best results.

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