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#FollowFriday – 8/6/10

Follow these people cause it’s Friday and they’re awesome!

Name: Brian Taylor
Location: Dundee
Web: candykiller.blogware.com
Bio: Candykiller on Twitter

Location: here, there, everywhere
Web: notcot.org
Bio: Ramblings of Jean Aw, the girl behind NOTCOT + the rest of the NotEmpire – design + ux + travel + gadget + amusement + inspiration junkie

Name: Kollectible Kulture
Location: San Diego
Web: kollectiblekulture.com
Bio: Urban Toy and Art News, workin’ my best to keep you updated!

Name: Narwhal Art Projects
Location: Toronto
Web: narwhalartprojects.com
Bio: Narwhal is dedicated to the production, exhibition and promotion of the best in young contemporary art.

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