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#FollowFriday – 8/20/10

Follow these people on Twitter because it’s Friday and they rule!

Name: Pee-wee Herman
Location: Los Angeles
Web: peewee.com
Bio: I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel.

Name: Murdoc Niccals
Location: Plastic Beach, Point Nemo
Web: gorillaz.com
Bio: Murdoc Niccals King of Gorillaz

Name: uglydolls
Web: davidhorvath.blogspot.com
Bio: UGLYDOLL co-creator David Horvath

Name: Gama-Go
Location: San Francisco, CA.
Web: gama-go.com
Bio: Visit our store! 335 8th Street, SF. Innovative, off the wall and hilarious, GAMA-GO covers the gamut from apparel to accessories, to must-have home products.

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