October 23, 2015

Fan Friday: Bartek!

Welcome to another edition of FAN FRIDAY!

We go global again this week with a trip to Poland and the awesome Dunny colection of Bartek!

My name is Bartek and I come from Poland. I thought I could share my small collection with you and perhaps become a member of friday fan society?
My first Dunny was 8’’ Cobbler by Tado and I got it some 3 years ago. From then on the collection is slowly but constantly growing. I love taking photos of my little (and bigger) vinyl friends especially when traveling, so when I’m going somewhere I usually carry one of my Dunnies in the pocket.
It is not easy to collect Dunnies here in Polska, because we do not have any vinyl toys shops but at least there are couple of them in other european states. Perhaps it’s time for me to open one in my country :) Nevertheless I am happy to have someone to smuggle some blind boxes straight from States every year :)
Now I’m impatiently waiting for the scary 13 and the wild Ferals to arrive in Europe!
Soon Bartek soooon!
I need risers like this!
Now on with the show!
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