January 21, 2011

Dunny Azteca II Launch Party Wrap Ups


Yesterday was the worldwide launch of Dunny Azteca II and all Kidrobot stores celebrated with trading parties and artist signings. Thanks to all who attended. It wouldn’t have been so much fun without you!

Kidrobot London

Everyone was in a festive mood last night at Kidrobot London, where the Dunny fans went loco for the new Azteca series. Despite there not being any Azteca designers in the UK, there was certainly no lack of artistic talent with the wonderful Sneaky Raccoon and the talented Cris Rose were in attendance.


KRNY with Marka27 and Carlos East of The Beast Brothers

Our SoHo location celebrated last night as minigod creator, Marka27 and Carlos East of The Beast Brothers signed and sketched for Azteca fans. Carlos was seen showing off the prototype of an upcoming custom 8-inch Calendario Azteca Dunny. Marka27 was also giving a preview of his soon to be released minigod speakers with DKE Toys. The infamous SUCKLORD and 2Tone artist, Chuckboy came through and hung out with the whole crew.


KRMIA with Ernesto East of The Beast Brothers

Kidrobot Miami was alive last night with the launch of Dunny Azteca II with Ernesto East of The Beast Brothers. Dunny fans waited patiently to score the new series and get their trade on. There was great energy in the house as Ernesto sketched and signed throughout the evening.


KRSF with Jesse Hernandez

Jesse Hernandez was ruling it over at Kidrobot San Francisco. Eager fans patiently waited for the release of Azteca II. Jesse even brought a very limited amount of his new Mictlan Jungle Edition by Kuso Vinyl. The party ran late as Jesse signed and sketched for all his fans.


Los Angeles with Miguel De La Barracuda

Kidrobot Los Angeles was feeling very festive last night as they celebrated the second coming of Dunny Azteca. Artist, Miguel De La Barracuda was on hand for the night as he signed, sketched and discussed his inspiration behind the his Azteca design. Everyone enjoyed the traditional refreshments provided by Frida’s Tacos, King Taco Bakery and Jarritos soft drinks.

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