January 25, 2016

Alien PHUNNY Plush now available from Kidrobot!

The highly anticipated Alien Plush Phunny’s are now available for purchase online at Kidrobot.com.



TRPHP002_Black_1 2 TRPHP002_Yellow_1

Facehugger: the second stage of the Xenomorph, this plush parasite’s only purpose is to make contact with a host like you: isn’t that sweet? Nevermind that the Facehugger would attach itself to your face inserting an embryo in your throat, this PHUNNY plush version is content to cuddle and flinch with you through the scariest science–fiction action horror franchise ever, Alien.

Chestburster: the matured embryo of the Xenomorph needs your DNA, so this life stage of the Alien extraterrestrial is kinda your baby. Curl up with this vulnerable little PHUNNY plush now because one day he could grow up to literally bite off your head.

Xenomorph: once a Chestburster explodes out of its lucky host, the Alien hides for a couple hours until it matures into the Drone Xenomorph, distinguished by its smooth head and desire to gather up new victims… erm, “friends.” Rest easy, this PHUNNY Xenomorph is filled with plush stuffing, not highly-pressurized acid blood.

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