July 31, 2017

Yukky World Slippery Pete

Ya know who is a real joker?? Chris Holt and we donโ€™t mean that in a bad way! Chris Holts speaks up for those less outspoken.. this time its for the Yukky World plush! Give it a read!

Whether spinning your go cart out of control in the middle of a race or providing a bit of comic relief for anyone BUT the person that steps on him, Slippery Pete is a classic prankster.ย  Sure, go ahead and rob him of his potassium, cause the jokeโ€™s gonna be on you when he finds himself beneath your shoes.ย  One misstep and youโ€™re on the injured reserve. No one but Pete himself knows how he got there, and heโ€™ll be laughing the whole way to the emergency room.


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